When did my sports bra become my cute bra ?

Mom identity theft
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Mom identity theft
Where do all the pretty bras go?

Good Morning!

Yesterday I had to wear a sports bra because the 2 real bras I own were in the laundry. I remember having a drawer full of bras to choose from and now I have 2.  The 2 I have aren’t even the pretty expensive ones, nope they are clearance bras from Target. So why do I only have 2 ? Is it because I don’t take the time or money to buy myself more? No, it’s because I don’t care. I don’t care what they look like or how they fit. I just need something to keep my boobs from laying on my stomach. It’s true!  Ok, more like my ribs… I just checked. After I had Gacelyn matching underwear and bras became something from my past. I just wanted something comfortable and clean. I threw away all the cute bra and panty sets I had worn, wondering how those little flimsy scraps ever did anything. Picture this; I’m at my dresser and I pull out this dainty little bra hold it up to my chest and the 2 cups together covers one boob. Yep. that was my come to Jesus  moment. There would never come a day that these girls would ever be supported by those flimsy bras again.

That was an end of an era for me, that day was the day I decided to just wear bras for support and not fashion. My husband has never said anything about my change in undergarments but he must have noticed. My sex drive also decreased at that time, I just don’t feel sexy or appealing with my poorly fitted bras on underneath my clothes. Yes, I hear you all …. “Go get some sexy bras and Rock that Shit”.

Normally I would but, It’s hard to do when you don’t feel sexy. The issue is ‘Mom Identity Theft”. You heard me right, “Mom Identity Theft” it’s a real thing. Haven’t some of you noticed that you are more mom than woman? Seriously, when our kids are small we are walking food, napkins, beds, step stools and portable garbage cans. Maybe I’m wrong and that’s sexy. As the little thieves get older we are still at their disposal running around on foot or in a car . Why would I want to dress sexy and nice to run them to school, practice or the grocery store ? I wouldn’t , so shorts and t-shirts it is.

Where did the woman go who made these kids?

Maybe “Mom Identity Theft” is less common in women who work outside of the house. These amazing women are working full-time and taking care of the family . You mom’s deserve applause because my shit falls apart …and I’m home. What I’m wondering is , do you keep more of your identity by being in the world everyday? Or has ‘Mom Identity Theft’ hit you too?

These are the things that go through my head when I see mom’s who work; do they wear matching bras and panties? Do they still feel sexy or do they remember themselves pre-kids? I’m not jealous I’m curious. Being a SAHM is great but not having to dress up for work or really anything kind of decreases not only your intimates collection but also your clothing. My clothes are more for function than fashion.

If any of you are in the same boat as me in the intimates department leave a comment so I know I’m not alone .😘

Have a great Tuesday !

Truthfully and Unfiltered,