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Forgotten Things

Todays the day that we sell our long forgotten treasures, clothes that don’t fit and toys that the kids just had to have. That really is what a Come Buy Our Stuff sale is. Things that at one time we couldn’t live without. Where did all those things end up? In a tub in the basement or pushed to the back of a closet. Today all of those things are in our garage waiting for new homes and people to enjoy them again. I realize it sounds strange talking about items this way but at one time they were a ‘need to have thing’. Putting out toys that our kids played with for hours or clothes they used to wear is a walk down memory lane. Well, when they were little I did. Now I look at the “Stuff” and cringe at money spent on things that were a passing fad.

Now that our kids are getting older their things aren’t the cute bright-colored toys they used to have but.. trading cards, Barbie x 20. Please tell me you’ve noticed the Barbie scam too?  Every time Barbie has a new movie , a new Barbie hits the shelf. Same doll different clothes!!! Please stop making us buy another Barbie and just sell the cool outfit.. Am I right ? I know you mom’s with daughters understand.  It’s the same with PlayStation, as soon as we cave and spend a fortune on a system a “New and Improved “model comes out. Oh and the new games aren’t made for last years system. Seriously?? This is why America is in debt, Barbie and PlayStation!

I kind of got off track but you get my point, as your kids grow up their things aren’t as cute and small. Tossing them out, donating or selling them is quite easy. So Moms don’t feel guilty if you get rid of things as they get older. More than likely some of that stuff gave you a headache to begin with. We don’t need things for memories of them. Because more than likely one of them is standing right next to you or yelling mom from another room  reminding us of their awesomeness. 

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