Can you get Healthy on a Budget ?- The Naked Truth

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Getting Healthy on a Budget

Last week I wrote about my challenge regarding weight and health. My plan was to get healthy on a budget by incorporating pre-packaged foods to make it cheaper and easier. After I looked into it a bit more eating pre packaged foods isn’t the healthiest choice for me. Don’t get me wrong there are some items that will work but carb heavy foods mess with me. So my hopes of coming up with this magical list of ‘pre packaged food for getting healthy’ is non-existent. You can’t blame a hater of cooking for trying. If you’re as bummed as I was, I feel your pain. We unfortunately just need to make good choices when eating and get moving. My 30 minute walks happened twice in the past week so that’s better than zero, right? Baby steps taught us to walk so baby steps will teach us how to become healthy. If I jump in and make unrealistic goals or expectations right away I will fall on my face. Just like a baby who starts walking , if he runs from the start the chances of falling are greater. It will take baby steps if we truly want to change our lives.

I may have had a pack of mini muffins !

Gracelyn woke me up last night because she was thirsty. Being a good mom, I dragged myself from bed and got her something to drink. Plus a pack of muffins for me. I experienced zero guilt in my midnight snack. I just enjoyed it and went back to bed. Actually I went to bed after a 10 minute conversation with Gracelyn about picking up her new glasses today. She started the conversation… not me. Gracelyn likes to know what and when things will happen. Sometimes this drives me crazy but I’m accustomed so I give her as much info as possible. I also like to screw with her sometimes and say “I don’t know” over and over. That’s probably not the best thing to do but she does need to learn that things change. Anyways, after our little chat I went back to bed with a full tummy and dreamt of mini muffins. I’m not joking either, I actually dreamt about them being on sale. LOL.

We Need to Live

 My midnight snack of mini muffins wasn’t the best choice but I ate them and I enjoyed them. I rationalize my snack this way; yesterday I spent the entire day setting up for our Come Buy My Crap sale which is a work out. It’s like Cross Fit but in my garage minus the tractor tires and big ropes. If I spend time kicking ass physically why not enjoy a small treat? It’s not like I ate a whole cheesecake. Which I have done before. Giving ourselves a small treat after working hard is gratifying and deserved. We just can’t over indulge.

To be clear, I’m not a health professional or guru. I am a woman over 40 trying to get her shit together health wise. I’m writing about my opinions and choices for me. Just wanted to throw that out there on “The Great Wide Web”.

No one is alone in this journey of getting  healthy. You can comment here or talk to a friend about what you’d like to change health wise and set up a support system. I have my friend Karen who I talk about my crazy getting healthy plans with and it helps ! Everyone needs someone to have their back. Find a friend or message me and I will be your friend we’ll get healthy together. With a lot of laughs on the way.

Truthfully and Unfiltered,