Why I miss my Kids

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I miss my kid !

This is Jack about 8 years ago. gotta love him !

Jack has been visiting with family in Illinois this past week. He’s been to a Cubs game, fishing, swimming and tonight he’s going to see Madagascar the Musical. My cousins are amazing! Mikey and Rick have had; nieces, nephews, grandkids, cousins and basically any kid who wants to stay with them in the summer for years.  Their door is always open, they amaze me with their love for family and friends. When you walk through their front door you immediately feel at home and welcome. Plus they are an awesome couple who love each other tremendously. As you can see Jack is in awesome hands. Tomorrow we pick him up and I’m excited.

Isn’t it strange how we miss our kids when they aren’t around but when they are home the little monsters drive us nuts ? I used to feel like a bad mom because of how annoyed I’d get with my offspring. Aren’t we supposed to bask in their love and douche attitudes?  Nope we aren’t ! This took me a long time to realize that it’s ok to be annoyed and wish I was on a deserted island alone. I’m sure you’ve fantasized about that a couple of times too. If you haven’t then yippee for you! It’s natural to question ourselves on being moms’ and why we became them. If we didn’t question these things  we’re being delusional. We all have that moment or moments when a ‘Time Machine’ sounded pretty good. I have had that thought plenty of times. In the end of the fantasy I always end up with my 3 kiddos. Fantasy or reality they will always be there and I will always love them.


Even when they are douche bags….

Truthfully and Unfiltered,