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Today is the day my naked truth starts and those truths will be on this blog. Beer Bellies and Stretchmark’s is actually the title of a book I started writing a couple years ago it is still saved in my computer unfinished. The basis of the book is about a middle aged erotica author who writes at her kitchen table about beautiful people in unrealistic relationships while she herself is in a very realistic relationship and doesn’t feel very beautiful most days. While I was writing I realized I was basically writing about my life , the real parts of it. My family is far from perfect, my marriage isn’t picture perfect , my body isn’t perfect , my house, cooking and cleaning the list goes on of the imperfect in my life. The best part is I bet most people feel the same way about their lives . It’s cool to be crazy and imperfect. Really what is perfect? Any who , I have a lot of things I plan on writing about and hopefully we can start talking about some of these taboo or undesirable “Naked Truths.”

Here goes nothing , I’m ready to get naked are you?



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  1. First! 🙂

    I would love to hear more about your imperfections (both fictional and nonfictional) as it will help me to be brave about my own. Remember to embrace and focus on the people that build you up and bring positive energy to your life and push away or at the very least marginalize the doubters and negative thinkers.

    Use your gift of words to spread joy, even if some days you are convinced it is just to yourself… though I can state from experience, it usually will be to more people than you think. And by bringing some light into their lives, they then are positive forces for their families and friends and the impact multiplies over and over.

    I await the next post and your ‘go live’ date with bated breath so I can share it with my circle. You can do it!

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