Welcome to Beer Bellies and Stretchmark’s – My Naked Truth

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 Why Beer Bellies and Stretchmark’s ?

The title Beer Bellies and Stretchmark’s came from my obsession of reading erotica( future post ) . Characters in books are not realistic,  relationships aren’t realistic and their sex lives definitely are not realistic ! The original idea was for a book about the realities of marriage, parenthood and sex.  Most couples have Beer Bellies and Stretchmark’s and if you don’t… props to you . Beer Bellies and Stretchmark’s took a turn when I looked at my life and the world around me. Our world has become a place of filters of all kinds and truth of our lives is blurred. I wanted to get back to the nakedness of life. ( figuratively of course)

Here is what you can expect from Beer Bellies and Stretchmark’s……..


Unfiltered mom

The good the bad and frustrating moments of being a mom.

Being a good mom doesn’t mean we know what we’re doing.









You aren’t alone , come get Naked and unfiltered !


Naked Truth Journey

I’m on a journey to become truthful with myself and others. Taking the filter off and being real

This is where you get to be naked too !

Take the journey with me….





What's your Naked Truth or thought ?