My truth of being True to Myself – My Naked Truth

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Beer Bellies and Stretchmark's

I started this blog to talk about the naked truths in our lives ,  the things we normally don’t talk about . Things that are real and sometimes raw . We have become a society that gets validation from  likes and shares on social media .  Pictures on these sites have been posed, filtered and retaken countless times before posting them . I want my blog to be the opposite,  talk about real life ,  life where the meals I cook are anything but picture worthy ,  my kids drive me nuts or how marriages change and grow  . How about the struggle of losing weight or the ambition to lose said weight , the list goes on and on. I want to show you that likes and shares can come from being totally naked in what I have to say, not the filtered version of me .

Goggle and me

So what’s the problem ? I got overloaded with how to set up my blog and started reading ‘How to books’ on starting up a blog.
Trying to find out the basics led to ‘How to have a successful blog ‘ , that was my mistake ! I found my self Goggling- keywords and SEO to name a few. When I did this I ended up in so many different sites I forgot where it started . From everything I read and the webinars I watched , a feeling of failure took over. Or so I thought.

During this past week I became obsessed with checking  for likes , hits , shares and praise . I realize it’s normal to want to know if people like what you are doing but for most my life I never felt good enough, or that my opinion mattered and now I was putting myself out there for the world to judge.  Not only was I wondering ‘am I good enough to do this?’ I questioned everything I was doing . Is Beer Bellies and Stretchmarks the right name for my blog , should I make it more search engine worthy , should I take a writing class , is my blog appealing ?….. What the fuck happened ? What happened… I fell into the trap of likes and shares .

Learning as I go

Yesterday’s post on Surviving the Pool , was not what my blog represents. I would have covered quite a bit on insecurities at the pool and why. I would not have made a “How To” guide.  There are things that need to be explored more at a different time. I went off course and didn’t give the naked truth behind the pool instead I did what was popular for bloggers . I’m not saying down the road I won’t have ‘How To’ posts…. I will, but they will be real and naked . Beer bellies and Stretchmarks is my baby and I plan on raising it to old age . I need to take the time and do it right . The first step to doing it right is to figure out how to navigate my computer . Once I master my computer the possibilities will be endless . I also need to just talk … talk here on this blog and see what happens . I decided to take this journey and I intend to continue on it by sharing the truth of my life , what I observe in life and why I think the naked truth is so important . Stay tuned because I have plans for all of us …

Truthfully and Unfiltered,