This is Me

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The kids are growing up and I wanted to do something for me… hence my blog, Beer Bellies & Stretchmarks .  You will get the truth from me the good the bad and ugly . We all live with filters , it’s what’s expected in todays world. Let’s not live that way anymore , Let’s take a journey together and get back to The Naked Truth . I will take off the filters in my life and hopefully you will too !!

Here’s a little about myself . I have been married for almost 13 years, we have 3 kids – 2 boys and a girl .  You will get to know them more through my ramblings. My husband and I decided I would stay home with the kids and live the American dream. Oh, what a dream it’s been , Ok part nightmare too.

In my previous life I worked in a mosaic of different fields . Here are some of the fields I tried : hairstylist, bartender, waitress, telemarketer ,receptionist, courier and  I even built spiral staircases for a bit . Life has a funny way of getting you to where you belong and I belonged at home. My journey with motherhood has had lots of ups and downs. Most days our home is a chaotic , loud circus with me as the Ring Master.  I wouldn’t change anything , ok maybe a few things.

This is Me –

Let the Naked Truth journey begin !