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Their Teacher Tagged Me !

Summer break has begun !

For some it’s a time you look forward to all school year, for others including myself not so much. Summer break means 3 kiddos together under one roof driving me bat shit crazy. Hopefully this summer won’t be as annoying since 2 of 3 have a pretty busy summer schedules with football prep for the upcoming school year. Also they are old enough to go places with out me (thank you baby Jesus). That doesn’t mean I won’t be struggling inside with all the things I should be doing according to all the gurus on FB .

FB makes my life Harder

Have you ever read some of the articles or posts made by parents in regards to what they do during break ? People believe you need to make memories for your kids. Besides that, by make memories it’s usually some trip , going to water parks across the state , or setting up elaborate backyard games that they saw on Pinterest . In the past I have felt guilty for not making their summer an amazing adventure.

According to some people my job is to keep the little buggers entertained. Hell no ! I keep them fed . Alright sometimes lunch is forgotten. My bad! Time flies when you’re trying to stay sane. My kiddos are safe , well mannered and normally clean. We do go to the pool occasionally , I may take them to a $5 movie on a Tuesday but these are not things we do all the time. If I fill up their time with awesome experiences how are they learning to make their own fun ? We need to let kids use their imaginations and come up with their own entertainment.

In an age where everything has to do with using a screen, being creative sometimes takes a backseat . Yes, creativity does exist on the screen, sometimes. We live in an age where you can buy dress up clothes, pre made lemonade stands and cardboard houses, spaceships and cars all pre cut with a design printed on the outside to color in . What the hell happened to doing it on your own, using your imagination?

Proof that entertainment can be free

The first summer after we moved into our house we had a bunch of boxes in the garage so I dragged them out grabbed some duct tape , spray paint and neighbor kids . It took a good part of the day but we built a city and they loved it. That is a memory that still comes up . We also bought those pre cut houses that they scribbled on and used once, that was  a waste of money. I understand a lot of these items you can buy now are for convenience and a quick fix ,like I said we have bought plenty . My point is my kiddos have never once talked about the things I bought for them to build just the ones we built from scratch.

I’ve been tagged!

An amazing teacher I know tagged me the last time I saw her and told me ” You’re it !” When she said it I laughed and we continued talking , the next day it hit me “I’m it ” for the next couple months I’m the one to keep those little brains firing and growing. Teachers have been doing it the last 9 months keeping the wheels turning in their heads trying to teach them to be good humans, basic hygiene, ( yes that is a thing ) and structure.  We have all been tagged and it’s our turn to keep the things our kids have been taught in motion during summer.  With that said I will not be giving my kiddos daily tests and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. But I will make sure their wheels keep turning and that manners are still and always will be important.  I will do my best to hand out wet wipes before bed to clean up their funkiness when I don’t forget.

Planning great adventures for them or running all over Wisconsin is just not me. Also trying to entertain my kiddos with the latest  ‘Must do for Summer’ post from FB . If I did these things wouldn’t I be taking away the basic childhood adventures ?

I’m probably just lazy that’s why I don’t do those things for them . Bullshit ! I’m done spending my summers thinking I’m not a good parent because I’m not entertaining my kiddos ! Yes, in summers past my own doubt is what made summers crappy. I felt like I was doing a disservice to them because I didn’t make croquet out of pool noodles or have movie nights in the backyard . I truly believed I was ruining their childhood. OMG ! I will never think that way again , I am done comparing myself to other parents and their FB posts. My kiddos will and do get bored , a lot!  I list off all the things they could do to not be bored but I never stop doing what I’m in the middle of to entertain them.

I never have and never will . That’s why I always struggled with seeing what other parents do for their kids. I questioned the beliefs I’ve had their entire lives. Was I doing it wrong ? No, I’m not! I’m raising my kiddos the way I believe will make them good humans . Just so you’re clear I’m also not saying the other way is wrong or bad it just doesn’t work for me.

I’m it!  Hopefully summer will be better with improved mindset. Finally I can enjoy the time with my kiddos.

I’m done feeling bad for not being like other parents.

I am me !

Truthfully and Unfiltered,


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