Losing Weight and Gaining Weight – My Naked Truth

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I’m sure you all know how easy it is to gain weight , a woman can gain 5lbs over night.

I bet you also know how hard it is to lose 1lbs and keep it off.

This is My Naked Truth about weight loss and weight gain.


The Struggle Is Real

Most of the women I know struggle with their weight, it’s a constant roller coaster that we can’t get off of. Why can’t we hop off though? When will we say enough is enough and love ourselves at any weight or size ? I’m truly asking you this question, I want to know when will we be ok with how we look? I thought when I turned 30 I would become more comfortable in my skin and I did, but I still wasn’t happy. Marriage and 2 pregnancies didn’t help with weight gain . Gaining weight with being in love was doable, gaining almost 100lbs with 2 pregnancies was a bit extreme. I took eating for 2 to a new level obviously. People said the baby weight will come off in no time, actually no time meant …no it won’t come off. I tried everything after I had our last baby to lose weight but it wasn’t coming off fast enough for me.( I’m an instant gratification person) I needed something that would show results fast.

I wanted to lose weight and made a horrible decision

The fastest way to lose weight was to cut calories so that’s what I did.  I cut calories by throwing up 1 meal a day and watched the number on the scale go down. Once I started to drop weight I went to throwing up 1 meal a day to a meal and a snack. More weight came off and I was thrilled… that’s not true. I was living with a secret and it was starting to affect my health. Being constipated all the time sucked and was painful. Also my hair and skin got pretty dry and dull, my body was telling me to stop but I became addicted to watching the scale go down.

Keeping a secret like this was hurting my relationship with Troy too. After losing almost 90lbs in 6 months I told my doctor what I had been doing to lose the weight. My doctor was a Rock Star, instead of being cold and dismissive or going to the extreme of in-patient treatment . Instead he talked to me, we talked for about an hour. There was some tears and some anger but it felt amazing to talk to someone about my secret. Before I left he did some blood work to make sure I hadn’t done anything horrible to my body. I left with an appointment to see a dietician and promised to talk to Troy plus start feeding my body properly.

What Throwing up does to your body

Throwing up for weight loss jacks up your metabolism in a bad way . When I say jacks up I don’t mean in a amped up way I mean in a doesn’t know what to do way.  My body was so scared of starving it held on to everything and I swear food I only looked at stayed too. My weight slowly started to creep up on the scale. I stopped weighing myself because it tempted me to throw up again and I promised myself and Troy that I would never go down that road again. So I stopped weighing myself and lived my life with my jacked up metabolism. I was happy for awhile ……

What the hell, is this vagina fat ?

I turned 40 and some weird shit happened to my body. Mainly vagina fat!  I woke up one day and my lady part was chubby, mortified is putting it lightly for how I felt. Thankfully I never got into the whole’ bare down’ there look otherwise I would have been even more of a hot mess. Seriously , I lost my sex drive when this happened .  How could I feel sexy with a chubby vagina ? This may seem ridiculous to some of you, but the vagina fat is what truly took my sexy away.  I went so far as to look for exercises for my latest problem area , I can deal with being big anywhere but there . If you’re interested these exercises are supposed to help;

  • Plank
  • Pelvic Thrusts
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Mountain Climbers

When I worked out faithfully for a year and half , I did notice a slight change. Not much but some.

How do we come to love ourselves

When you talk about wanting to lose weight is it for health reasons , to feel better or so you look good? I’m asking because I think we all know deep down its so we “look better”. Who decides when we “look better”, will we ever be happy with how we look?  I doubt it! We need to love ourselves , everything about ourselves too. Even my chubby vagina.

Loving ourselves is probably the hardest thing to do, when it should be the easiest. We control who we are and normally what we do and feel so why is it so hard? Are we not worthy of being happy, healthy and feel beautiful ? We are totally worthy of all those things and more. We just need to believe it !   Would you try something with me ? For the next 14 days say these things every morning and at bedtime . Believe them when you say them too! Let me know if you notice any changes in yourself. I bet you do ….

Gimmicks’ and more crap

Living in a world that focuses on looks and size sucks ! But we can stop the insanity by supporting each other and not buying into all the crap out there. You know what I’m talking about , all the programs, pills, detoxes and cleanses ,that guarantee to make you lose fat fast ! Trust me I have tried most of them out there. They work but once you stop whichever product you are using the weight comes back.  Do we really want to live in world that charges us huge amounts of money to be healthy ? Hell no ! Those companies have made a fortune on women’s insecurities and that’s crap! I personally have spent a small fortune on products, every single one of them in small print says ‘with a healthy diet and exercise this product will help you lose weight’. No shit !Weight loss boils down to 2 things : Exercise and Food

Exercise Kills

Laugh all you want, but there are a lot of people who die from exercise. I don’t want to go out in a blaze of glory in Zumba class. Now , I know exercise is good for you and has tons of benefits. Troy and worked out at Reveal Fitness 5 days a week for over a year. We loved it there, the people became our family. How can you not become close when you are together at your most vulnerable. We did kickboxing and strength training , I did things in that class that I never imagined my body doing but I did them. At first I had to modify a lot but by the end I could to a Burpees  like a champ. You’re probably wondering why we don’t go there still if it was so great. We stopped going because Troy got a new job, my body needed a break and the cost was too high to justify with 3 kids. But , I will go back ! I loved it too much not to.

Weight loss and Gain

Where do I go from here ? I’m learning each day that loving myself each day is what’s important. My weight will continue to fluctuate until I truly commit to eating healthy and exercise regularly not just 4 days a week . Yes, I give myself 3 cheat days…. this is why I have issues. Plus my shitty metabolism doesn’t help. But if I don’t love and accept myself who I am the weight will always be an issue. Plus I need to get let go of all the crap in my head, that alone probably weighs 60lbs. Here’s a first step in self love. While we were on vacation Troy took a picture of me in the pool, I have a 2 piece on because I like them. I hate not getting my stomach tan, any who here is a picture of me in the pool sporting some back fluff but having fun.

I didn’t hide myself either while on vacation , I went to the pool bar without covering up and rocked that back fluff.

Will I ever be a size 10?

Maybe I will be a size 10 someday but if I’m not that’s cool.  We all look at the size of our clothes to determine if we need to lose weight or not .  Clothes sizing is a joke, don’t decide by a number decide by how you feel. There are plenty of plus sized healthy beautiful people who are in better shape than most size 6’s in the world.

My  plan  is to get healthy ! Whatever comes with that is a bonus.

I would love for you to come on this health journey with me ! Obviously, getting healthy will help us lose weight . But losing weight is just part of it. This will be about getting mind, body and soul healthy.

We could swap easy, healthy and real recipes that our whole family will eat. Let’s face it most diet cookbooks have recipes kids and hubby’s won’t eat. I’ve given up buying those. Also we can share exercise and healthy habit ideas that are or have worked for us. Mostly though this will be a group for support in whichever area you want to work on.

This is something I have been thinking about starting, since I began my Naked Truth journey but I wanted to know if any of you would be interested before I got the ball rolling .  Please fill out the section below and let me know what you think about this idea. If it takes a village to raise a child it takes a  whole tribe to support a woman!