This Mom can’t get Healthy – The Naked Truth

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A Mom Getting Healthy ?

Getting healthy is not one of my strong suits  as some of you may know. It’s more like an aversion. Do any of you have the same problem that I do, you start really strong drinking your water like a fish and eating your healthy foods and then lunch comes and you eat a Hot Pocket? Honestly everyday I go through this. I start strong and then it all goes to shit. Last night we had Chinese food delivered for Jack’s birthday I of course ordered shrimp fried rice , Hunan shrimp and a spring roll. Yep, that’s what I ate too and as a bonus I had some ice cream cake for dessert . I stood at the kitchen counter to eat that though because it doesn’t seem like dessert if you’re standing.

This is my problem, I love food and I don’t move enough. Yes, of course, I’m a mom and I move throughout my house picking up, cooking, doing laundry, walking to a different room trying to get away from the kids but not real moving. Last week I was setting up for our Come Buy Our Stuff( the kids said crap didn’t make our stuff sound good) sale and I was on my feet about 6 hours a day. I wanted to die ! My back was sore and my feet hurt. I’m too young to experience that much pain from moving. Being out of shape and then doing what I did last week SUCKED ! I want to get active again but I don’t want to “exercise”. Does that make sense? When I tell myself I need to exercise I usually bail. If I choose to an activity I show up and exercise. This rationalization probably doesn’t make sense to you but in my twisted head it does.

How do you Stop Sabotaging Yourself?

Professionals’ would probably say “You just don’t want to get healthy otherwise you would do what needs to get done.” Easy enough right ? Wrong, I truly want to get healthy but on my terms. The problem is, my terms aren’t working. Honestly, I don’t want to work at it. I want it to happen overnight. Once I wrap my twisted mind around that fact I’m sure the planets will align and I will do it.

Things I believe are true that scare me from committing to getting healthy are:

I can’t eat cake again, muffins are also gone, cookies too ( ok all baked goods) , potato chips, French fries, cheese curds basically all the foods that I like but honestly don’t eat that often. It’s the thought of not having them that derails me on my journey to health. It’s ridiculous!  Please tell me some of you feel this way too…. ?

Realistically I know I can eat these foods in moderation occasionally but I go in panic mode every time I try to  eat better. I’m going to figure this out because I’m sick of feeling crappy!  I would love to hear from you and the struggles or success you’ve had in getting healthy.

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