Just do it

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I have amazing ideas , no really I do. I can say that because I have a very creative mind the problem is I have a very hard time with follow through. I’m not sure if it’s a genetic default or if I’m just extremely scared of failure. I like to go with genetic default.  I start projects that could potentially be a success and then I ever so quietly I leave them in the great unknown. It drives my husband bonkers actually it probably drives everyone bonkers. Actually it’s not just my ideas that I have an issue with follow through there are quite a few things that I do half assed and what a hypocrite I am when I get mad at my kids for only doing half of the dishes or  putting all the garbage under their bed when I tell them to clean their room. I have not been a stellar example of follow through.

We have told our kids from the time they were babies that when they grow up the possibilities are endless , if you want to be an astronaut, assassin , ballerina or a princess you can do it, for some reason though I didn’t take my own advice . I am now , there will be follow through with this blog adventure I am on and I will put my ideas to fruition if not what am I telling my kids? I’m telling them that good ideas or big dreams are unattainable and that’s a crappy parenting move. If we want our kids to reach for the stars and when I say reach for the stars it can go to the extreme of being president one day or being the best barista at a coffee shop . Everyone has dreams and goals no one can decide for them or us what they should be.  Any who, I am doing this for me and my kids I want them to see me start with an idea and bring it to reality. Trust me they have seen me plenty of times give up ( eating healthy , exercising, writing a book …) the list goes on . My new motto is “Just do it” what’s the worst that can happen ?

4 thoughts on “Just do it

  1. You did the hardest thing and took the first step. I can’t wait to read the next post!

  2. Love it when people say the truth! Can’t wait until the next post! You go girl!

  3. You’re amazing!! I’m so proud of you! I’ll be reading fo sho!! 😘

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