How I survive the Pool-Unfiltered Mom

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For somIMG_5823e moms taking the kids to the pool is an adventure , for me it’s an adventure but more like I was dropped in a forest and I have to get out on my own with only a water compass kind of adventure. If you feel like me this survival guide is for you !

Be Prepared Mentally

  • Try on your swimsuits to make sure they are bearable to wear
  •  Make sure to shave , groom or wax ahead of time ( razor burn and chlorine don’t mix)
  •  Psych yourself up for being in public with your suit on ( you are beautiful ,  you look awesome ).
  • Other women will give you the ‘once over ‘ it happens .
  • The other mom’s feel the same as you , we are all in this together.

    What to pack in the swim bagIMG_5818

  • Band aids , someone always scrapes something
  • Sunscreen ( obviously)
  • Snacks – pool food is too expensive
  • Water – I use a Thirty One cooler , fits perfect in our beach bag
  • Goggles – Don’t forget those !
  • Tylenol – you may need it
  • chap stick
  •  sunglasses
  • extra towels
  • water toys if your pool allows

    Set your own rules for the kids at the pool

    I have a couple basic rules for my kids before we leave :

  • Do not ask me when we are leaving to go
  • When the life guard blows the whistle they have to check in with me.( my kids are older so I am not following them around )
  • Don’t ask me to go down the slide ( it’s not for me)
  • I am not there to entertain them
  • When I tell you we are leaving it means we are leaving !

My outlook on the pool would probably be more rainbows and unicorns if I was only taking my kids to the pool . After all the 2 that want to go are 9 & 12 but it’s not only them in the mini van . Our 4 year old neighbor girl comes along with us , so I’m back at being the mom in the water walking around nodding at her awesome swim skills, bubble blowing and attempts at somersaults under water  while navigating through all the other moms and grandmas doing the same. The pool experience is different for everyone and the reasons we like or dislike the pool will vary too , but try to remember that we are all in this together,  we are at the pool trying to get through parenthood without screwing up our kids. The next time you’re at the pool smile at the other mom or woman you walk past , I bet she will smile back because she’s there in it with you or has been here before.

Beer Bellies and Stretchmark’s aside have fun at the pool , feel good about yourself and smile . Strut your stuff and live your naked truth .

Truthfully and Unfiltered,