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Healthy Food is intimidating

Yep, you read that right. I’m going to eat and be healthy on a budget. My version of healthy, of course. Let’s be honest every time someone says “eat healthy” our first thought is cost . That’s where my mind goes at least. Plus I’m thinking of all the fruit and veggies I will buy and then not eat. You all know what I’m talking about. We go to the store with big ideas in our minds; I will buy all these fresh veggies I never cook with and make amazing meals with them. Romaine lettuce is the perfect substitute for bread, taco shells and just about anything. Cauliflower is a great way to pretend you’re eating rice and potatoes.  ( after I wash, dry,crumble or puree’ the crap out of it). Oh look this fruit I’ve never had is supposed to be cleansing!

Admit it, you’ve seen these before and clicked on it ….

Please tell me you have done this too!

Do you buy what’s trendy or what’s practical

Shopping for what’s trending gets expensive and depressing. My biggest issue is the prep and work , I want my food simple and easy. You know, like – my veggies and fruit are cut and washed for me , cauliflower fake potatoes or rice is already made. Unfortunately this is also where high cost comes in. Eat organic produce, grass feed beef, free-range chicken, nothing prepackaged or containing preservatives ! WTF ? My head spins when healthy people suggest what is best. My kids and husband don’t talk to me for at least a day when I shop like this too.

I get that foods filled with hormones, pesticides, artificial crap and animals being treated poorly before slaughter  is bad, but it’s affordable and my family likes it. So what is a girl to do? She buys the stuff her family will eat and try to make it as healthy as possible.

Healthy-ish food can come in a package

Do you remember the old school way of eating ? We had a meat, veggie and a starch or grain on our plates. This was what doctors recommended and people were living just fine. I totally understand we live in a different world today but feeding our family was much easier. Last night I made dinner .. gasps . Yes… I sure did. I made Hamburger Helper, salad and corn. There was a meat(hamburger), starch(pasta) and veggies were; salad and corn. Ta-da! People can say this isn’t healthy but my family ate it which is good . I covered my food groups and it was cheap. We can make dinner for our family and it can be healthy-ish if we’re smart. Feeding a family is difficult enough , feeding a family on the guidelines of health today is ridiculous. In my opinion, of course. There are great options of healthy-ish packaged foods and this weekend I’m going to go and do some research for us. Yes, I’m going to research “Easy meals that are part packaged”.

Life today is busy and chaotic ! Sometimes there isn’t time (or like me you hate meal prep) to make a “healthy meal”, so you go get fast food. Which is worse , eating Hamburger Helper or fast food? I’m guessing the latter.  I will do my research and post it next week.

Old school thought – Portion control

Wouldn’t you agree that portions are probably the biggest issue. For me it’s easy to eat a lot because we’ve been conditioned to eat this way. Fast food and restaurants give ridiculous portions. Do you remember when a large soda was the size of most regular ? French fry sizes are insane but I can eat a large no problem. The portion size is what makes us gain weight! Why wouldn’t a large fry big enough to feed a family make us gain weight ? It will and does. We all like French fries , we just need to make sure and not up size. I got kind of off track bit. Portion size is key , anyone who has gone to Weight Watchers or other weight loss group remembers it’s all about portions. Here is portion  sizes using your hand from the Dairy Council of California©

  • cheese – pointer finger
  • milk and yogurt – fist
  • veggie-   fist ? ( I say half your plate)
  • salad – 2 fists
  • fruit – fist
  • dry cereal – fist
  • noodles, rice, oatmeal – handful
  • Meat- palm
  • peanut butter – thumb

I’m not 100% on board with some of these but this is what came up when I Goggled portion size.

I’m not an expert

Just so we are clear, I am not an expert or a licensed dietician. I’m a 42 year old woman who has tried countless diets and fades and I’m done listening to the ‘noise’.  Being healthy is important to me! Not my size or what the scale says but my health. Our health, physical and mental is what makes us live  productive and happy lives. I’ve been making small changes in my life to get to a healthier life and I hope you will too. This weekend I will be getting that information I mentioned earlier and will post about it next Tuesday. I’m thinking Tuesdays will be Physical and Mental Health day.  Of course I will give it you Naked, Unfiltered and Truthfully no matter what .

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