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How is it possible that my little boy is growing up? Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a movie in fast forward . People will tell you when your kids are little and you can’t wait for them to be more self sufficient to enjoy each day because the time flies by. At the time you’re so frazzled you don’t care you just want them to be able to wipe their own bottoms , get something to drink on their own and sleep through the night.  I was one of those mom’s who would roll her eyes at people who gave me their wise advice , I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy each day , I enjoyed 4 out of 7 . Now I find myself thinking I wish I could go back to when they were younger when busy schedules were for Troy and I not our kids . Back to when we watched Nick Jr. and the Disney channel . Max and Ruby was my Days of Our Lives , seriously where are their parents ? Now my kids are watching You tube vloggers do stupid human tricks or how to level up on video games. I miss having to watch cartoons all day, I miss the simple easy meals I cooked. Macaroni & cheese, green beans and crescent rolls was twice a week . On a budget that was well balanced .  The kids didn’t complain they ate it and loved it. Now I get “this again?” whenever I make the same meal twice in 2 weeks. It’s hard feeding 3 kids and a hubby who all have in their minds food aversions.  Just eat what I make because I hate cooking ! Anyways, in certain ways kids are easier when they are younger but as they get older and become their own person it’s pretty amazing too.

Ty turned 15 yesterday !  He has grown up so much this past year. It amazes me the changes in him physically and emotionally. Ty had a pretty big obstacle this year as a freshman in high school and he got through it  with some sweat and perseverance ( nagging from us too). We are uber excited to put this school year behind us. Ty is growing up to be so much more than I could have imagined and I love watching him grow and change.  I do wish we could go back some days to when the kids were younger and life was simple but mostly I feel that way because I want more time with them under one roof. We have a lot of changes coming with our 3 kids and I need to pull up my big girl panties . ( or are they granny panties?) That is a topic coming soon …….

Happy  Birthday  Ty ! I love you

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  1. This is great! Writing helps us put things in perspective….and someday, when your kids are older, they can go back and read what you wrote and realize you are not only their Mom, but a woman…with ideas…moments …regrets…you are human…

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