Do Moms Really get a Vacation ? Mom- Unfiltered – Mondays

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Vacations don’t exist for SAHM’s

When you’re a Stay at Home mom and you go on vacation with your kids , is it vacation ?
For years when we would go on vacation in the summer I’ve bitched to anyone that would listen to me about how I really wasn’t getting a vacation from anything . My husband got to get away from work but my work came with me . Obviously I’ve been bitter . My kiddos are my job that’s what I do 24/7 , so going on vacation doesn’t me I get to stop working .
MOM is still constantly being called , you know what I’m talking about .. “mom , mom , mom , moooomm!”
I mean really , why can’t they say “dad”? That’s right they don’t call dad’s name till they are horse because dad’s have selective hearing . I even answer other kids when they call “mom” 3x’s or more . I’m conditioned like rats in box who hear a bell and know that food is coming . I think that’s a study of some kind . Who knows …

Enjoying myself finally

For years I’ve gone on vacation bitchy and feeling cheated . I know cue the violins . This past week a miracle happened …. they became self sufficient !! Yes , they called mom numerous times but it was to show or tell me something they were doing. Finally it wasn’t to ask for food or get them something to drink. There was the occasional needy moment, they are kids after all.  Mostly I was able to be a witness to the moments and memories . We as a family were able to have fun together !
My kiddos are getting older and becoming more independent which means mom actually gets to enjoy herself and relax. Gone are the days of nap time , diaper changes, swim diaper malfunctions and having to be in the pool to keep them afloat . I know there will come a day that I will miss hearing them yell “mooommm” all day long. But this last week not hearing it constantly was truly a vacation .
Being a mom is a pain in the ass a lot of the time and there are days I’d like to duct tape them to a wall. Haven’t you had the same thought at least once ? Any who , I love my kiddos and I’m really starting to enjoy Vacation ! ….. FINALLY….

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