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 Daughters are challenging to say the least. Having a daughter who is just like you is a nightmare. Some of you are thinking I’m crazy but my feelings are real. When I see my daughter start panicking because the sky is getting gray with clouds, I know how she feels. What she is feeling is something she can’t control she is feeling genuine fear. I know this because I experienced this when I was younger and it’s horrible.

She’s just like me

Gracelyn is a very sensitive soul, she cries easily and her feelings are easily bruised. These are traits I had and occasionally have too. Her friends see her as bossy when in reality she is just trying to help. Gracelyn hates seeing someone struggle with something so she will offer her opinion warranted or not. These are all traits of mine as a girl and I know how they eat at her little heart. A lot of her friends don’t understand these parts of Gracelyn and call her out. In Gracelyns’ mind she takes these comments as attacks and withdraws. When I comfort her during these times I am very aware to stay present. It’s easy to let these situations trigger my hurt from that age.  She’s just like I was so I stay present and focus on her. After all what she is feeling is hers and she needs my support and for me to listen not tell her how to feel.

Shes just like me
Loving her is so easy

All I can do is Love her

My job is to hold her, wipe her tears, listen and love her. I can give her advice, hopefully it’s good, but reliving my pain from that age is taking away from her own experience. Raising a daughter is watching yourself go through life all over again and remembering it’s her life not yours.

Loving her and guiding her through life is amazing and I’m honored to call her my daughter. Quirks from me aside she loves fiercely, has a pretty witty sense of humor, great fashion sense, super smart, beautiful dancer and strong when needed. I know she will be ok, we all go through this bullshit in our youth.

Whatever traits I’ve passed to Gracelyn she’ll be ok, I on the other hand may end up heavily medicated…


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