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Last night we went to an awards banquet for Boys Track & Field , our oldest is a sprinter and also a Freshman in high school. Last night was our second banquet of the year , the first was football he was a Freshman then too. We support our son in everything he does so that means going to banquets , code meetings, volunteering , games , meets and all that comes with being an athlete it’s what you do to show the support you offer and encourage them to keep going in the activity they are in. We as Freshman parents do the same amount of things that the Varsity parents do and our sons are doing the same things that their Varsity teammates do so why is that Freshman athletes get zilch ? I’m not talking about an award , because they get those, a participation certificate ! I’m talking about acknowledgement … maybe a funny antidote , or at least mention them a bit in your speech in regards to the team . I have noticed this at both banquets the coaches have all these things to say about Varsity , the players individual stories ect. but never for Freshmen.

So you have a bunch of Freshman boys sitting at these things cheering on their teammates for all the accomplishments and laughing when appropriate, they are there to support the team.  These boys don’t want a participation certificate they want to feel part of the program , acknowledgment and a first name used will go much farther than a piece of paper. Just so you know I’m not a person who believes in the ‘Everyone deserves a ribbon’ thought process, we as a family believe in 1st, 2nd,3rd place ribbons.  My issue is this .. if you are going to have Freshman teams treat them as a team and give them a little more of your head space.  these boys are your future Varsity teams wouldn’t you like to see them in the future when your current Varsity is no longer there ? I get it , I’m a mom who’s pissed because my kid wasn’t mentioned , no I’m an adult who knows these kids bust their asses and feel like they mean nothing in the program until Varsity. Ugh ! Put ninth grade back at the junior highs so they can have their year to shine !