Are You A Procrastinator

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Procrastination is my middle name!

We’re having a “Come Buy My Crap” sale on Friday and I’m not near ready. I do this to myself all the time. I procrastinate until the last-minute and then pull something amazing out of thin air. It’s truly exhausting living this way… Thankfully my family and friends know this about me or they probably would have committed me long ago. As I’m typing this I’m thinking of what needs to get done and organizing it all in my head. Am I the only woman out there with 40 things being accomplished at the same time? I’m sure the answer is “No”, but I like to check to make sure I’m not the only one. Having a brain that works this way is questionable.

I am in therapy with the amazing Jax Anderson maybe I should discuss this with her. Is it healthy to have your mind all over the place? Because mine is all the time. I don’t have ADD either !  This is just how I’m wired. Because of procrastinating I am constantly thinking of what  I need do instead of what I am doing. Yes, it’s a vicious cycle.

me on a good day

I Exhaust Myself sometimes

Because of my procrastinating I’ve become a list maker. Some days my lists are so detailed you would expect bathroom breaks listed. I have never gone that far thankfully. These lists that I make help keep me on track for what needs to get done. Without these lists I would never be able to finish anything. Examples of my procrastinating are;

  • Scheduling appointments
  • signing my kids up for things( dance, sports ect.)
  • volunteer projects( conference dinners, calling for donations, decorations)
  • cleaning
  • Buy My Crap Sale
  • planning our wedding
  • Pretty much everything !

It’s a curse and a blessing living this way. Having this type of personality is tough on family and friends. These poor people are biting their nails praying you come through in the final hour. Which  9x’s out of 10 I do . I inherited this awesome trait from my dad, we don’t do projects together ever!

I’m Procrastinating at this Moment

Instead of doing something for the “Buy My Crap” sale I’m writing. LOL. What do expect?


2 thoughts on “Are You A Procrastinator

  1. What wedding? Just wondering. Your doing awesome on your blog….keep it up!

    1. Thanks,Michaelene. I was talking about our wedding in 2004 . I was procrastinating back then too.

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