A journey

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In an age of self awareness I’m a little behind, I’ve bought books and opened them but after a chapter or two they are put aside to collect dust. Either the material is too wordy or it’s just plain bullshit. I watched Dr.Phil , Oprah and countless other gurus of daytime . Huge waste of time. Church was a place to reflect on my week while making sure my kids had fruit snacks , I can admit the message was usually lost on me. There wasn’t any awareness happening there just sticky fingers and antsy kids. I perused other religions hopping to find something to get me aware of myself and meaning of me. Still nothing so I put it on the back burner and went about life. During this time I thought maybe I needed to loose weight, become fit and then I could work out the rest. Um, no . My weight and level of fitness has nothing to do with my journey of being aware actually at this time I realized I had no idea of what I was looking for . Did I really want to be aware and actually what does that even mean ? I realized for me being aware meant putting the bullshit aside, stop trying to be all mystical and in tune with what was popular and find “THE NAKED TRUTH ” in me. So I made 2 lists here is some of what I put on them.

Things I know I like or love in life;  my hubby and kids, Lola our dog , family , food , a good tv show, chatting with friends, writing, painting ,being lazy, reading trashy books , Coffee and some other things.

Things I know I don’t like or love;  cleaning, cooking, helping my kids with homework, wordy self help books, negative people, pity me frame of mind, nature (I’m not an outdoor person), anxiety(I have it) and being fake. I’ve done it .

These are just a few things that I came up with . If I gave you my full list for both it would get long very long. I wanted to give you an example of what I did to really see what I liked and disliked. Starting here gave me the ground work for getting Naked with myself . My journey is just beginning and I would like to share it with you . Actually I would love it if you came along for the ride. I’m slowly learning how to  use my site , I will eventually have a section on my journey to being Naked . My goal is to have this part of my page be interactive with anyone who wants to get Naked with me ( figuratively of course) . I’m hoping to have this figured out by next week so stay tuned…….


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  1. I’m in! I’ll just need some guidance too. I read lots of blogs but never interact with them 😉

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