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The definition of a Hipster – a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.

Ok, so that is the dictionaries definition now I will give you mine.

Hipster– a person who makes a good sum of money but wants to appear chill and thrifty, clothes appear to be vintage but are actually name brand and expensive, love doing DIY projects that cost a fortune but look like you found them at your grandmas, that they discovered indie music, present a outdoorsy vibe but live in the city . I could go on but you get the point.

Let me tell you why this movement bugs the crap out of me. I will give you a list-

  • Nerd frames – I’ve had mine for quite awhile… before they were super trendy
  • Beanie hats – we all used to wear them because they were cheap now they cost a fortune and are worn in summer ( seriously?)
  • Designer hiking boots – again WTF ?
  • DIY – mason jars are for canning ! Now the price is up because Hipsters use them as dinner glasses. Old ladies can’t afford to can now! civilization is doomed!
  • Those beards – enough said
  • Camping – but it’s fancy camping made to look old. – I totally don’t get this , stay at a hotel it’s probably cheaper.
  • IPA’s – it’s beer , call it beer !
  • Kickball and all other Old School things they seem to have taken as their own
  • Vests and Bowties – again, these are things that people have worn for ages, now it’s part of their uniform.

Grunge was my Hipster

I’m not writing this to bash anyone, I’m writing this because it happens in every generation.  My generation was all about escaping the materialism of the 80’s which gave us Grunge.

Grunge was the big sub culture I was part of in the 90’s. We wore flannels, combat boots and other items we found at Goodwill.  People wanted to be in bands and have that Seattle sound. No one wanted to work for “big corporations” it was about the little guy. College degrees were wasted by kids who ended up working at restaurants, coffee shops or other jobs that didn’t seem corporate. All so they could be who they wanted…. not what was expected. We wanted to distance ourselves from the greed of the 80’s , so we lived like paupers and dressed the part too. I know this from first hand experience , I lived with a musician who gave up his music scholarship to live as a starving  musician.  We starved for real too.(Saltine crackers and tuna from a can was a meal) Living in this world was an amazing chapter in my life and I have no regrets just great memories.

My mom’s generation didn’t get the whole Grunge thing and her parents didn’t get the 80’s or 70’s.

It’s the cycle of life and growth.

Every Generation brings something new

The Hipster culture has meshed the whole a bunch of things from the past into one culture. They took the Nerds are cool techy vibe and added hippie edged clothing  with a dash of old school love. It’s kind of a cool mix when you think about it.;) . This group of people are also career driven and want to create jobs for others. Helping people in need seems to be a platform also. They love those Tiny Houses and living simply , all these things are great qualities even if I think they are strange.(Tiny Houses)

All and all , I guess they aren’t as annoying as I originally thought. I may need to investigate further. Lol

Am I a Hipster ?

My gut reaction is HELL NO ! The reality is probably a little, I like being a tad different from the norm and I love off beat fashion. If you go by the dictionaries definition than yes, I am. There I said it !  My dislike for Hipsters has definitely changed , I get where their voice is coming from and appreciate their fashion trends .But I will never wear designer hiking boots, a beanie in summer and I don’t camp under any circumstances!

Writing things truly helps you see things through a different perspective .

Thanks for reading and…. letting me get Naked with you !




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  1. Grunge was my hipster, too! I also have a qualifier to add to this list – a lot of times the hipsters are being supported by a well-paid spouse who has a traditional job, so they hipsters can pursue their harmonica repair business or whatever.

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