A Naked Truth – Cooking for my family

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When my kids were younger they ate what I put in front of them . Then they grew up and knew we had more food for them to “choose” from . My love for cooking ended on that dreary day when choice became a word in their vocabulary. I realize now it was me that taught them about choices and I kick myself daily. I wanted them to get nourishment and grow , so if they didn’t like what I made I gave them a choice. Lazy parenting is what gave them choices. Why should I have to sit there and try to convince my 5 year old ,chicken is yummy , when I can offer something else and move on with my night. This is where my lazy parenting ruined cooking for me . Plus I hate touching raw meat.

Here is my Naked Truth on cooking….

Meal Planning

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On Sundays I sit at the kitchen table and write my grocery list and try to plan meals for the week. Basically this is wasted time on my part because I will plan our meals , buy the food and maybe we will  have 2 or 3 meals I planned. The other nights are filled with me ordering out , cereal for dinner or find whatever you want nights . I told you , wasted time on Sundays. Here’s the deal , I even ask the little buggers what they would like that week for dinner . The meals on the list are normally from their little minds but come dinner they aren’t hungry for that. So what happens then ? They have cereal , we go through a lot of cereal . Thank Baby Jesus for Aldi . If I made tacos and pizza everyday I would have maybe all 3 eating . We can’t have tacos and pizza 7 nights a week, I would puke.

With 3 growing kids they need good healthy food so I try to but someone always has cereal .

Raw meat makes me gag

When I was pregnant with Gracelyn I couldn’t walk anywhere near the meat department , if I did I would gag and get sick.  I can go in the meat department now but my aversion to raw meat is still there. If I make chicken , pork chops a roast or fish I can’t enjoy eating it . I don’t have a clue as to why either. Someone else can make it and I will be fine but if I make it I choke it down or pick at it.  This is another reason I hate cooking , I make the food and don’t enjoy it. Maybe we should become vegetarians ? That would never fly . I  like meat I just can’t make it. Is chicken meat , Or do you call it poultry ?

I’m pretty sure I’m crazy ! Maybe I shouldn’t blame the kids even though it’s easier to blame them than it is to blame me and my aversion to raw meat. Obviously I keep trying to make meals for my family , no one is starving .  Chicken is the hardest for me to cook and eat. Maybe it’s because we eat so much of it when Troy and I are trying to lose a couple pounds or because it looks nasty raw . Who knows, what I do know is I need to get my shit together and figure it out so my family stops eating so much cereal.

It’s time to get my shit together

I need to be honest , besides having kids who don’t want to eat what I make and my issues with raw meat/poultry ,cooking really isn’t for me .  By the time I need to start dinner rolls around I’m tired and lazy. My mom would work a full-time job come home and makes us a meal every night , I stay home and make about 3 a week . I praise all the moms out there who work outside the home…  from home or are domestic goddesses and cook every night. I have tried crock pot meals , because I have energy in the morning, I’ve tried doing all the chopping and other prep earlier in the day and I’ve tried making the meal earlier in the day and warming it up at dinner. All these things have worked  ,  I just have a hard time with keeping it up .Could you please tell me how you do it ? I’m serious , how do you find the energy and desire to feed your family ? I can’t be the only mom or dad who feels this way .

I have an idea !

If you suffer from dislike of cooking or an aversion to raw meat comment  in regards to your issues .  The rest of you that enjoy cooking or you struggle through it , could you please give some ideas on what you do ?

My Naked Truth on cooking may be silly, but I’m trying to be Naked  and this is my  Truth…

4 thoughts on “A Naked Truth – Cooking for my family

  1. You’re not alone, although mine has little to do with picky kids, desire to cook or raw meat… instead it’s working around sport schedules that has my meal plans always being thrown in the air. Yes, I know when my kids have practices and games, but they don’t always end (or start) when you expect them too. Add to that my kids don’t like eating before a sport or immediately after practices and that leaves us with eating dinner at 9:00/10:00 some nights 😳😬😱, at which point the last thing I want is a big meal. Sometimes I get really annoyed we don’t have the nice, 6:00 family meals at the table daily like we used too, but most of the time I’m just happy they’re participating and enjoying their 4 short years in high school. All
    to soon I’ll be planning meals for 2, and I really have no idea how to cook for 2 people, I’ve always been a “cook for an army” kinda person, so we may need to invest in an extra large freezer for our leftovers here shortly.

    1. I totally understand the sport thing, totally throws off eating schedule. The best part is the kids can eat at whatever time and be fine , I eat after 7pm and gain 3lbs..We will have kids home for another 8 years so when you are down to the 2 of you , we will gladly take your extras. lol

  2. Awesome post Mindi. I don’t have kids but I am not big on the whole cooking thing. It always feels like such a waste of time. Is that a messed up way of looking at it? I don’t know and am not sure I care, it’s just what it is!
    I must say I love me some candid truth! It seems there is so little of it, with people constantly dancing around what their trying to say. You’re straightforward no bullshit style of writing resonates with me. I look forward to reading more from you!

    1. Thank you , it’s awesome to find people with the same thoughts on reality. Please keep reading and let me know what you think.

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