Why are Parents Checking the “Other” Box? Mom-Unfiltered Mondays

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It’s Monday !

Which means it’s Unfiltered Mom  time.

Checking the Other box

Would you mark other on your babies birth certificate ? Now here is the scenario – Your baby girl is born healthy and perfect she has nothing extra or missing down there in her hooha area. You are filling out the paper work and it comes to gender your options are M, F or Other . What do you check ? I would check F , that’s what I see and that’s what the doctor told me we had a girl. So- F. I realize that sometimes babies are born with unidentified hooha parts and the ‘Other’ box is a great option and should be marked. Why though would you mark Other when it’s obvious their gender ? The couple who most recently marked Other said ‘they wanted to see which gender their child identified with and would raise them genderless until they had sense of self and a vocabulary’. Via (Toby Meyjes for Metro.co.uk)

(Just so I don’t give anyone the wrong impression , I’m a mom not a doctor so I will not be speaking in medical terms or with medical facts. This is just my opinion on what I have been hearing in the news and social media.)

This is obviously a new frontier in our society and I’m sure some people will say it’s about time. Maybe it is, but why ? Why do we want to have a generation of genderless children ? The argument is – Labeling our children with a gender before they can figure out inside which they identify with is not right or just. The outside may show one thing but that doesn’t mean that’s what is identified with on the inside. How are we supposed to let a child make the decision and why would we ? They are children !

Learning a new set of Pronouns

My son who is 15 had a speaker in Health class this past spring regarding LGBTQ+. ( I only just found out about this) The speaker came in to educate the kids on acceptance , definitions of what the LGBTQ+ stands for and proper terminology. Super cool that they are educating our kids about things they may not understand or are experiencing in their lives. I was totally impressed, until my son started telling me about how she talked about having to ask someone which gender they identified with so they could use the proper pronouns in a conversation.  Otherwise you may offend the person and make them uncomfortable . What ?… My kid has enough of a problem talking to people sometimes, now if he is unsure which gender someone identifies with he needs to ask ? Otherwise you could just use Gender Inclusive pronouns and not ask. For reference the pronouns are as follows to be Gender inclusive.

  • They – Ze
  • them- zim
  • their- zir
  • theirs- zirs
  • themselves -zirself

Is our future a new language

I seriously hope we won’t have a new language anytime soon, I have issues with the one we use now. The thing I’m realizing though is that the world is changing and changing fast. We are going down a road we won’t be able to come back from. Starting to change parts of our language and letting people decide they are genderless is scary. My number 1 question is why? Why don’t people want to identify with a gender? Is it because they don’t know which they identify with or is it to be different? I’m thinking 50/50. Most people have an idea on if they are female or male, right ?… Maybe I’m wrong , it happens sometimes;) . Will we eventually become a genderless society because parents will choose the Other box ? I hope not ! Because to me that seems like a sci-fi movie that doesn’t end well.

Unfiltered but filled with love

We can not raise our children genderless, they shouldn’t have to wonder which gender they are only which toys or shows to watch. If we raise our kids with love and openness they will tell us if they are in the wrong body or are questioning who they are. That is what parenting is , we are there for our kids no matter what ! So lets parent our kids and check the box that matches their parts . Otherwise you are giving them more adult crap to deal with as kids.

How about we try something old and treat our kids like kids again ? I don’t know why people are rushing them to grow up and make decisions I couldn’t make today.

This is just an Unfiltered Moms opinion !

Truthfully and Unfiltered,